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Add To Your WishlistPilot Iroshizuku bottled ink

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  • The natural world of the islands of Japan is the inspiration for this luxurious range of Iroshizuku inks from Pilot.

    The name comes from a combination of the Japanese words 'iro' (colouring) expressing high standards and variation of colours, and 'shizuku' (droplet), which embodies the image of dripping water. Each ink name is derived from a particular aspect of the Japanese natural world, including landscapes, shrubs and natural phenomena, which all contribute to the depth of each individual colour.

    The Pilot Pen company has always manufactured its own inks which are suitable for any fountain pen and renowned throughout the world.

    There's a a V-shaped depression in the base of the 50ml heavyweight glass bottle so that the last few drops of ink can be easily accessed.

    Presented in silver gift box packaging.